From the first time I held a camera in my hand, I was captivated by the magic of preserving a split second in time. Capturing that one moment that will never be repeated and being able to look back at it and realize just how fast time goes by makes it even more special. This realization was my first step towards becoming a professional wedding photographer.

At first I longed only to capture beautiful photos of my first born. This lead to an endless cycle of faster cameras, better lenses and more photography classes and workshops – and an empty bank balance. Very soon I realized that I had to choose, follow my heart and become a wedding photographer or stay in my 9:00 – 5:00 job. Wedding photography won and I am blessed to be able to say my passion is now my very own photography business.

About a year into being a full time wedding photographer PRK joined me. He is my partner whizz, technical advisor and my amazing second mate. I hope he reads this 😉 Our photography styles complement each other and since we have worked together for the past 5 years we know how to work fast, effective and to add a bit of fun.

I have made the decision fairly early to specialize in wedding photography. I believe that marriage is a sacred institution that should be captured for future generations. I know how much my clients love looking at their wedding album.

As we did for all those happy couples still reminiscing over their wedding photographs captured in the past ten years, we look forward to capture unique, beautiful photographs with you to act as a window through which you can look back on your special moment for years to come.

Embrace that one special moment that only you know how you felt, forever.


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